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How To Use Beard Oil & Balm

How To Use Beard Oil & Balm

First off, beard oil and beard balm are made up of the same ingredients except for the added beeswax that are in the balm to give your facial hair-style it’s “hold.”

Beard oil is like a lotion. It’s for your skin. It keeps your skin hydrated and hydration keeps the feckin’ itch at bay. The premium carrier oils I use, also make your beard hair softer, so you can say the beard oils act like a conditioner for the hairs. Soft hairs equal NO itchy sea beard! So let’s re-cap, beard oil is like a lotion for your skin under your beard and also a conditioner for your beard hairs.

Beard balm is constructed of the same ingredients as beard oil plus bees wax or soy wax. So, balms do the exact same thing as oils however, bees wax will give you some “hold” so that you can turn up those handlebars on your mustache or “train” the wild ones to lay down. Shea butter or any butter added into the balm is going to lend to conditioning the hair and skin, but if you have a concoction made of only butters and essential oils, you have a beard butter, not a balm. I use Shea, Cocoa & Mango Butters in my balms and they each have a unique quality they lend to your beard mate. 

So, you can use the oil to keep your skin soft and supple and your beard conditioned and fresh. Then add some beard balm to style it. Or you can just use the balm since it has everything you need. It basically comes down to how much time you want to put into it and what your personal preference is. You don’t have to use both, you can choose one or the other. Be your own Captain. As far as this Sea Captain goes, this is my morning regimen:

First I wake up and take a shower. I wash my beard with beard soap every day to keep it fresh and clean (imagine what gets caught in there). Sea Captain Beard Co. has Beard Soap made of Goats Milk Soap, Shea Butter Soap, Activated Charcoal, & Peppermint Essential Oils. When I get out of the shower I only pat dry the beard. Now I hold out my burly palm and pour a dime sized amount of Sea Captain Beard Oil - Walk the Plank, into it. I rub my hands together and then slather them all over my beard and mustache. I open my Sea Captain Beard Balm and rake my finger across the top. If you rub your hands together the balm will melt. Now I twist up the ends of my mustache and style my sideburns down because they like to stick out. Some days I rake my comb right through the top of the balm and then comb my beard with it. The rest of the balm I rub on my chest hair for the scent or through the top of my hair to style it. Boom, I’m the feckin’ Captain.

Are you a Captain?

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Captain and Siren
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