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Captain Soap Making Skills

Captain Soap Making Skills

I spent all day thinking of what I would like to scrub my body with. I’ve used them all. The big names, the artisan kinds, the Etsy one offs. Nothing seemed to make me fall in love with my shower time. So, when I can’t find stuff that fits my needs, I make my own.

I started researching on the internet. How many people make soap? The YouTube videos were a bit overwhelming too and each one shared a different idea of just how to do it. Everyone had their own style and mixture. Cold Process versus Melt & Pour. I don’t know if I’m ready to make a bar of soap just for my whiskers. But, I needed it. My whiskers needed it.

Shampoo isn’t for facial hair. Neither is regular old conditioner. I need something that says, "FRESH" and “wake the feck up!”

Peppermint! It's minty and fresh. It makes your skin tingle. It helps with dandruff. It promotes hair growth and balances pH levels on the skin. Yeah I’ll add that in. What else?

Shea Butter soap base, it's a must have, but lets mix it with Goats Milk soap so we get a nice lather. Goat’s milk soap lathers up so nice. It's soft with fluffy bubbles. I like where this is going, but it needs something else. Something to cleanse and promote healthful skin.

Now I’m back to researching on the internet and digging through natural ingredients. I’m a Paramedic. I’ve worked in Hospitals and on Ambulances saving lives for years. Activated charcoal is a part of medicine. It’s used to treat overdose and alcohol poisoning, but it has so many other uses. It works by attracting toxins in the stomach and absorbing them before the bloodstream can. What can it offer the skin on my bearded face? Doctor’s say when you put activated charcoal on your skin that it attracts the dirt and oil on your face and then when you rinse it, it pulls the dirt out with itself. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

Peppermint to refresh and tingle, activated charcoal to pull the dirt out of your pores, shea butter and goats milk base to make a really thick lather, and BOOM Bob’s your Uncle!

I made soap for my bearded face. And now you can get a 5 oz slab of it for yourself. Just click HERE to see the soap.

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