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7 Easy Steps to Finding a Beard Style that Fits

7 Easy Steps to Finding a Beard Style that Fits

  1. If you are reading this, I’m dead. Just kidding, I’m okay. But if you are reading this, you’ve decided to grow a beard. Congratulations, now what do you do?
  2. Start by looking on the interwebs for inspiration. But don’t go crazy, if you look like Jack Black don’t try to pull off a Jason Mamoa beard face. Be realistic. I’ve found that the interwebs is extremely blunt when searching. Just type in beards for chubsters or beard styles for heavier guys. On the other hand, if you are ripped and born in the gym search for bodybuilder’s beards. Trust me, you are not the first to type in those words and you will get search results. Also, take a look in the mirror at your face structure. Notice is your face round, oval, square or triangular? Search out images of other guys with similar facial structure as yourself.
  3. Now that you’ve searched the interwebs and found a style that is similar to your facial structure and size let’s begin. The growth part is up to you and your genetics. If you'd like a get a good idea of how your facial hair may grow in, take a look at the males in your family. I'm talking about your dad and grandfathers, uncles and brothers too. I've noticed that my father's beard is missing hair right below his lip and guess what, I can't seem to grow hair there either.
  4. Don’t try to begin by a fresh clean shave. When you shave you cut the hairs at a very strong angle and when they grow out they are sharp and can grow back into the skin and cause lots of problems. If you want to shave just use the lowest guard on your trimmer and then, do NOTHING for a month. This is the hardest part for most guys. Invest in a good beard oil to help keep your skin moisturized and your beard hairs soft during this growth stage. Trust me, it will make this process go by much easier. I may be a bit biased, but use our best beard oil, Walk The Plank, during this stage.
  5. When you have a month's worth of beard grown out, you should be able to see how your beard is going to grow in. This is probably the time to acknowledge the fact that you either can or can’t grow facial hair. If it looks like a patchy mess of fuzz and straggles….please rock that clean shaved look like the boss of it you are. You may notice points on your face where hair grows slower or refuses to grow at all. Sorry, but it is what it is. 
  6. Now that you have a month’s worth of beard growth and an idea of what you are going for. GO TO A FECKIN’ BARBER! Research the barber you choose to go to. You want old school type, find them. You want new school with hipster styles, look for those. Let the barber give you a proper trim and he will explain what you need to do to further to obtain the look you are going for.
  7. Now that you’ve got a good start and a proper trim, keep going. You can experiment with lengths and variations. Be bold or simple, just be you. You're a Captain.

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