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How Many Drops of Beard Oil Do I Need?

How Many Drops of Beard Oil Do I Need?

There's a lot of guys out there asking the same questions about how much beard oil to use and depending on whom you speak to you may get a bunch of different answers.

So who the feck am I to try to tell you how to use beard oil? I'm The Captain. I've spent years designing our base formula and making it so you have an easier go at growing a healthier beard than I did. My company was birthed from simply not knowing how to take care of my own baby beard and dealing with a lot of scruff dandruff, itchy dry skin, and constantly fighting the urge to shave or trim it. I struggled with my own beard for months before I tried an expensive beard oil that A) didn't work B) stunk like old wet moss and, C) sucked all the moisture out of my skin and beard and made things worse. This is where I started my research online and decided I can make my own beard oil from premium ingredients and natural essential oils that would benefit my skin and make my beard healthier. And now, I've passed on all my knowledge of carrier oils and essential oils on to our customers so you can be just as prepared as I am.
Plus, I actually sat down and counted drops from a 1 oz bottle of Walk the Plank Beard Oil more than 10 times so I could give you the most accurate information possible. What I found out is that the average 1 oz. bottle of Sea Captain Beard oil contains 600 drops in it. If you have an average length beard, say anywhere from 3 - 12 months of growth, you can use 6 - 8 drops a day and that 1 oz bottle will last you 75 days. That's 2 1/2 months fellas! (600 / 8 = 75) Below is a simple chart that explains it all.
You can easily see how many drops you should need to properly hydrate your skin and moisturize the beard hairs growing out of it. Keep in mind this is just an average idea, some skin types may require more or less daily and your skin can change due to seasons, exposure to elements, and even the types of foods and vitamins you take in daily. 
When you first start growing a beard you have to make it through the rough part of new stubble growth. This is the itchiest, driest part of beard growth so plan on "refreshing" your beard care application throughout the day. You can carry around your beard oil and refresh after lunch or dinner or try a beard balm like Seas the Day. This small 1 oz. tin slips easily in your pocket and can go anywhere. Just rake out a small amount with your finger, rub it together in your hands to melt it, then rub onto your dry, itchy bearded face. Bob's your uncle. You can fight off that urge to scratch and shave because you have the knowledge of a Captain with you.

Beard Well Fellows.

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