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How to Properly Store Beard Oils

How to Properly Store Beard Oils

Essential oils are concentrated so strongly that they cannot be used directly on your skin. They need to be mixed with carrier oils high in fatty acids to become useful for your beard and skin. Sounds simple right? Well here's some things you need to keep in mind when storing your Premium Beard Oils.


Pure Essential oils are highly flammable, each having a unique temperature at which it will ignite. Most essential oils should be kept in the refrigerator to prolong their shelf life, but in most cases will do just fine at a comfortable room temperature, provided that it's kept out of direct sunlight and light. There is no "one size fits all" storage solution for pure essential oils, but a cool, dry place is ideal.


Keep your bottles out of direct sunlight. If heat is a problem, then too much light won't help either. If you have a window in your bathroom that makes the perfect small ledge to prop your oils, fight the urge to store them there. A shelf or cabinet is best out of the strong rays of sun beams and overhead lighting. Essential Oils should always be in dark glass bottles! You can find them in Amber, Cobalt, and now Green but avoid anything in a clear container or ones that are in plastic. Once the light and heat have broken down the essential oils they become rancid and are unusable on your skin.


This is simple guys, don't leave the lid off and when you recap make sure you tighten that lid. Oxidation occurs when your essential oils are over exposed to oxygen. They deteriorate and evaporate quickly and shouldn't be used on your skin. If the bottle is half empty, oxidation is happening. This process can't be reversed and will only worsen. Thankfully our 1 oz. bottles of beard oil lasts our customers about 2.5 months if using 6-8 drops a day, so this is way less than the 6 month shelf life the essentials have on their own.


Moisture can kill a bottle of pure essential oil! If your essential oil is looking cloudy or you can see small beads at the bottom of the container you may have a moisture problem inside your bottle. Make sure it is being stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight and that you are replacing the lid after each use so you can easily avoid this problem.

It's not so hard to learn more about your beard care ingredients. Educate yourself about what is going in your body and on your skin. We strive for excellence here at Sea Captain Beard Co and we want the best for your beard also. We promise to only use premium skin care carrier oils and natural essential oils from respected and certified dealers. We also work hard to NOT exclude anyone from grooming care. So trans guys who are just growing their first beards, or MTF's who are trying to find ways to lose the five o'clock shadow are welcome here. Gay men and women who want to take care of themselves are too. AND for everyone else, well as long as you aren't an're pretty okay too. 

Captain & Siren

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