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Beard Balm: Kraken

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Older barbers used to make their own aftershave by soaking Bay leaves in Rum and letting them steep for weeks. It's smell is bold and spicy. Then we blended them into Mango and Shea Butters with Natural Soy Wax to add a little hold. This is NOT your grand dad's mixture. Try it if you dare! 

1oz Tin

Ingredients: Natural Soy Wax, Coconut and Avocado Oils, Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Bay Rum, Texas Cedarwood, and Sage Essential Oils. 

Instructions for Use: Works best when used just after a shower. Use a towel to pat dry your beard then scrape out a small pea sized amount with your thumbnail or beard comb edge. Now rub the small amount together with your hands to melt the contents. Slather them all over your whiskers with your hands then comb or brush to your own style. *Balm will give you a small amount of hold but we recommend using a beard & mustache wax if you are wanting to style up those handlebars.

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